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Back from Iraq.

2010-07-05 13:19:16 by theteamkiller

War is very tough, and I seemed to have missed alot of stuff for the two years I've been gone.


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2010-07-05 13:23:39

thank you for your service.

theteamkiller responds:

You're welcome. Hope you stay free!


2010-07-06 23:18:18

i thought you were lying but i couldnt bust you, i guess your not lying or you did your homework. either way i find it hard to believe you didnt know mj was dead.

(Updated ) theteamkiller responds:

I had access to a computer in Iraq. But I didn't really see any reason or had any time to use them. Plus it's not like I knew to search for MJ while I was over there.
I was mostly out driving. It's not as bad as people say. The people over there are nice, but I did see quite a few IED's go off.


2010-07-07 10:04:21

Wow, I just read my thread, and people really don't think I was in the army...
It makes me actualyl a bit sad inside. I fight for this country, and people don't even believe me.