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2011-01-20 18:56:13 by theteamkiller

I made this little rap up when I was sittin in class lookin at some asians.

I'm so asian!
I drive full blast, guns blazin!
Chorus: So asian...

I'm so asian!
In the streets eatin' sweets, full asian!
Chorus: He might be too asian...

I'm so asian!
I walk into the store guns blazin'
Chorus: He missed everything...

I'm so asian!
I made the shoes you're wearin'!
Chorus: He really is an asian...

I'm too asian!
I ask the clerk for a condom!
Chorus: He received an extra small one...

I'm might be asian!
Because for some reason I'm persuadin'!
Chorus: People just hatin'...



2010-07-24 21:21:08 by theteamkiller

Every week since I moved in two months ago, there have been christian church people coming to my house asking me to join some church, and I say I'm not interested. But then they give me some boring pointless speech about god and I just slam my door on them.

But no! They don't learn! They keep coming back! They aren't the same people, but I can tell they are in the same group. Those people come to my house and through my entire neighborhood about 3 times a week! Every week! WTF.

I don't want a religion, it's stupid and is a waste of my time.
I have a job, and a life. I'm not gonna waste it on "god" and how I'm gonna learn how to goto hell. I'll find out when my time comes.

C'mon! If there really is a god, then prove it. So far, the more science and astrology I learn, the more "god" appears to be fake.
This guy made everything? He made you and me? He made that fucking spider that keeps looking at me? He made that hurricane? He made Osama Bin Laden? Ok...So if he actually existed, then things would be perfect...There wouldn't be all this stupid shit.

Oh, and whenever I drive to work, I see these church people on the main road of the city with buckets, and you know what those buckets are for? Money! They are expecting people to donate buckets of money. But for what? God? God needs all this money for some reason...

Back from Iraq.

2010-07-05 13:19:16 by theteamkiller

War is very tough, and I seemed to have missed alot of stuff for the two years I've been gone.


2010-06-23 17:44:41 by theteamkiller

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